Installation of SAMBA SMB File Server Service on RPi

Throughout this guide, I will show you how to install and configure an SMB File Server on an RPi Device.

This guide assumes that you have already flashed and configured the basic settings of an RPi and it is on the network.

Step 1: Installation of the Samba Service

sudo su
cd /
apt-get install samba

Step 2: Create a File Directory to add your shared files to.

cd /
mkdir -m 1777 /SMBShare
cd /SMBShare/

Step 3: Configure the Samba Service with the share you have created.

nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Change the following values.

Workgroup = services.education.vic.gov.au

Add the following to the end of the config file.

 Path = /SMBShare
 Browseable = yes
 Writeable = Yes
 only guest = no
 create mask = 0777
 directory mask = 0777
 public = yes
 Guest ok = yes

Step 4: Configure an SMB Password for the pi default account.

smbpasswd -a pi

Step 4: Restart the RPi Device to apply the configurations.



You have now have your very own SMB File Server with Guest Access on the RPi. You can additionally change the permissions and configurations to suit your individual needs. This is perfect for the deployment of the Zabbix Agent Service to Windows Devices via GPO.

As always, thanks for looking through this guide and until next time happy learning!