Hosted Services

JamesMutch.TECH runs a number of web services providing services from network monitoring to cloud storage. The below services are running as a part of the JBMA Server Infrastructure and are secured by Multi-Factor Authentication. You will require to be pre-registered for MFA and have a valid account prior to utilising any of the above services.

For support and/or assistance gaining access, please contact the HSN IT Manager via ServiceDesk.

Network Monitoring and Analysis

Zabbix - Monitoring Server
Used to monitor Network, Server and Infrastructure devices across a wide range of sites.
Grafana - Analysis Server
Used to provide real-time analysis of data to identify potential problems and aiding in resolution.

Cloud Storage Services

NextCloud - Cloud Storage Server
Used to provide storage space to users along with online office and a suite of productivity tools.

Airplane and Helicopter Flight Tracking

PiAware - Flight Tracking RPi Web Service
Used to track aeroplane and helicopter flights in the regional Victoria area.

Amateur Radio Dashboards
- VK3FJBM Pi-Star Dashboard 1
- VK3FJBM Pi-Star Dashboard 2