Well, where do I start…

I’m sure that you have found yourself in the situation where you pick up the phone, hear that short silence before someone starts talking, and think, I really should have slamed this phone back down.

There are a couple of things that I have done in order to combat a telemarketer free life, so here is some of them..

  1. After Business Hours my landline phone requires the user to press a series of buttons in order to be transferred through to me. This does wonder for those auto-caller options that the marketing companies are now using. A simple IVR system can be implemented with a 3CX Phone System or FreePBX, which can ever run on an RPi Operating System.
  2. Transfer them to have a chat with Lenny or a similar Computer ‘Bot’. You can add one of the Bots to your contacts and then when a telemarketer calls, you can transfer the call from your phone to the Bot which will talk to them forever, or as long as they stay on the line! If you haven’t heard of Lenny before, it’s definitely worth a search on YouTube, see one example below..

Some information that I may want to refer to in the future;